Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finding My Path

Yesterday - St. Patrick's Day - was my birthday ... *cue in the "Happy Birthday" singers please! During my life, I have not been one to get hung up on the 'numbers game'. I thoroughly enjoy birthdays! Bring on the candles and birthday cake with ice cream on the side, please!
This one, however, was a slightly different. During the past couple of weeks, I have be in a Great Big Funk (*GBF*). A full blown, all out head spinning (exorcist style so to speak), crying in my pillow Mid-Life Crisis!

My *GBF* has caused me to examine my life in drastic measures - an activity I normally avoid. I even asked hubby darling "What am I good at"? Apparently, in hubby darling's opinion I am an excellent provider. Not a bad thing to be - however not Exactly the type of answer I was seeking. Of course, we've been married 30+ years and I should know better than to ask him a question like this out of the blue.

To find a detailed, descriptive answer to my own question, I have just completed an "Abilities Battery" and should receive the results tomorrow afternoon. I have never taken an apptitude test and this was honestly very enlightening. I can quicky tell you that I am NOT good at memorization. The test was administered on-line and involved a series of timed drills. So - I anxiously await to see where my strengths lie and determine if I have taken the wrong path in my professional life over the path 30+ years.

Until next time, blessings to you all ~ Carol

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